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Let us help you automate and simplify the process. Corporate traveler’s experience is at the heart of every decision we make, and we are constantly looking to the future and the new technologies and services that will shape business travel. Brickell Travel Management can help you achieve cost savings and take control of business travel by offering convenient, efficient and reliable corporate travel services.


We make business travel simple and worry free by offering a complete one-stop corporate travel solution.

  • Consultation

  • Implementation

  • Booking

  • Hotel Programs

  • Visas/ Passports

  • Meetings & Incentives

Our Process

Our process is simple enough for smaller organizations, but customizable to meet the needs of large enterprises as well. There is no need to sacrifice personalized service to a mass scale call center model. Below is the process we follow to ensure we build a model that not only meets your specific business travel needs, but truly adds value and creates an immediate positive impact across your organization.



Cost Control / Savings


Customized detailed reporting & benchmarking

Create customized reports that highlight and sort your corporate travel data according to any parameters you wish to analyze. Our system can benchmark your travel spending year-over-year and against competitors by industry, region or even companies with similar expenditures. Goals Analysis Reports analyze your booking habits and help you determine what you can do to optimize travel expenditure, predicting savings potential by identifying costly booking habits. All business travel reports are included at no additional cost.

Expense Management

According to a recent survey, on average, a company spends approximately 13 labor hours per month per traveler to complete an entire expense cycle. With our travel and expense management tool, we can reduce this cycle time by up to 53%. We will evaluate your current system, recommend the right tool for your organization, & guide you through the implementation process in order to achieve measurable cost compression and ensure seamless travel and expense management services.

Low Fare Guarantee

Brickell Travel Management guarantees the lowest fare at the time of booking. Thanks to our Fare Saving Module Technology, our system will continuously searches the reservation system for the lowest applicable fare, tracking your itinerary up to 24 hours before departure to ensure the best prices. *Subject to Corporate Client Agreement.

Travel policy enforcement

Don’t spend more on business travel than necessary. BTM can help you reduce travel related operational costs and increase your ROI by:

  • Establishing and enforcing acceptable parameters for travel arrangements.
  • Setting a cap on room rates, flight classes, and car rental options.
  • Ensuring that any arrangements requested are subject to approval by a manager designated by you.
  • Ensuring that no tickets will be issued without said approval.
  • Enforce corporate travel policies through an agent or automatically through our online booking tool.


Savings up to 40%

  • Take advantage of discounted arrangements with our exclusively negotiated rates when you travel with the leading global airlines and stay at the top hotel properties around the world.
  • Our Fare Savings Module will automatically scan the Global Distribution System (GDS) every six hours to ensure the low fare guarantee on your existing reservation and maximize your business travel savings.
  • Our fees are extremely competitive and we can tailor our services to your specific needs – you will not pay for anything you do not use.



Expense management tool

Ensure efficiency and success within your organization. Your employee’s time is important. Don’t waste it collecting receipts, creating expense reports, reconciling and reimbursing. BTM can evaluate your current system and recommend the right tool for your organization to reduce operating costs with an automated process that allows employees to be more efficient. With our low-cost travel and expense management tool, it’s as easy as taking a picture with your smartphone.

Customized online booking tool

Maintain total control over your booking process with one of the top online booking platforms available today. We help you customize a booking process that falls within your specific Travel Policy guidelines. Control costs, channel travel expenditures to specific suppliers to better negotiate corporate discounts, and give your employees the autonomy of booking travel at their convenience. Ensure a seamless planning and booking experience, all within your Corporate Travel Policy.

Mobile booking capability

Take the convenience of our online booking platform everywhere you go with our mobile booking tool. Book your next trip from the palm of your hand, all you need is your smartphone.

Traveler Experience Improvement

Personalized agent service

Our personalized travel expert consultants combine many years of travel management experience to create a solid foundation of knowledge and skills from which Brickell Travel Management continues to grow today.

24/7 support

After-hours availability is critical to provide our clients with the support that they need. Regardless of how unpredictable your travel schedule can be, we have the infrastructure to provide support at all times.


GlobalStar Travel Management


About GlobalStar

GlobalStar is a worldwide travel management company owned and managed by local entrepreneurs, worldwide. Over 85 market leading enterprises, representing over US$14 billion in sales, combine their local expertise, strength and commitment with our global organization to deliver cohesive, multinational solutions through an innovative technology platform.

Our Principle

GlobalStar’s business principle is to provide high quality service while remaining culturally sensitive throughout our locations, while applying innovative technology and concepts to bring all elements of our service delivery together at a global level. Rather than working with a static network of fixed offices, the GlobalStar network is dynamic and flexible and can be adapted to address our clients’ specific needs around the globe. The position GlobalStar holds in each country ensures excellent local presence and our clients benefit from the very best local conditions and purchasing power.
GlobalStar services clients of all sizes, but offers special travel management benefits to growing mid-size companies that demand a global reach and responsive service. At GlobalStar we strongly feel that our concept of managing corporate customers across borders is most in line with today’s market conditions and our strong client feedback reinforces this view.
In a complex world of business travel management, corporations need a partner with a keen understanding of today’s rapidly evolving world marketplace. With GlobalStar, customers are partnering with an agile and experienced travel management company that can create solutions to fit individual needs. GlobalStar delivers service of the highest quality in a multinational environment. We make sure that travelers arrive at their destinations comfortably, securely and with as little stress as is humanly possible.
By pulling together the very best technology with buying power and placing this in the hands of highly skilled, well trained and motivated staff we offer our customers the confidence and trust they seek in their travel management company. Your business is important to us and you may be assured that our people and our resources will be fully committed to adding value to your travel management program.

A Unique Offering:

  1. Cost Containment – delivering total return on investment
  2. Consolidated Data – consolidated globally to enable actionable results
  3. Safety and Security – so you know where your travelers are and how to reach them
  4. Program Optimization – elevating your program to ‘best in class’
  5. Innovative Technology – to increase adoption, drive compliance and increase service
  6. Traveler Wellbeing – travelers are at the center of your program so we put them first
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