Travelers waste more than 4 hours a day booking travel

We are all busy people. Between meeting deadlines, growing our companies, and our daily tasks, we don’t have much time to waste on booking travel. With the convenience of online booking sites and flash sales, many of us believe that we can get the best deal on our own. However, in this day and age, time equals money, and you are wasting yoursAccording to a survey by Expert Flyer, “despite vast technological leaps and the convenience of searching and booking, planning a trip is still a time-consuming proposition”.

Half of survey respondents reported spending approximately 2-3 hours a day over multiple days hunting down airfare deals. Almost one-third one respondents spent over 4 hours a day for multiple days. This is a huge waste of time that could easily be mitigated by a quick call or e-mail to a travel agent, whose sole purpose is to get you the best deal and do all the work for you.

As an employer, if your travelers are spending hours a day making travel arrangements that coincide with their meeting times as well as let them get home in time for dinner and do so in the most cost efficient way possible, it means less time they dedicate towards the tasks they are actually paid to do.

Many times, the task of booking travel falls on someone with a completely different title, if not the traveler themselves. This person is likely not trained in corporate travel, and therefore company resources, time and money are wasted on frustrating searches for the best deal, only for it to disappear when they’re ready to book! 

It doesn’t hurt to have a Travel Management Company on your side. Between doing the work for you, finding you the best deals and getting exclusive discounts, you not only take the burden of booking travel away from your employees, but can also have a more efficient Travel Program that can save you money and time. Better than spending time and money, isn’t it?

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