The Cost of Travel Friction for Corporate Travel

What is the true goal of business travel? The modern managed travel program includes but isn’t limited to online booking, air and hotel sourcing, and managing strategic meetings. Making price concessions and greater spend under contract ultimately result in dead ends.

For a positive business impact, road warriors are a vital group to focus on. These are the individuals that are constantly on the move, traveling a minimum of 35 nights each year and comprising about fifty percent of all travel spend. If road warriors are dealing with travel friction (i.e.: productivity loss due to poor trip quality), there are significant ramifications to traveler outcomes, including increases in attrition and more money spent on trips that prove ineffective. Traveler outcomes such as a trip’s success, retention, and wellness should, therefore, remain a major point of improvement.

Using results from more than 700 road warriors managed by distinct travel policies, it’s safe to say that traveler-focused policies have innumerable advantages versus cost-focused policies, including greater satisfaction, trip success, lower attrition cost, and fewer travelers succumbing to the effects of jet lag, to name a few.

In response to a greater focus on the traveler, today’s companies are re-evaluating their programs. That means improved sleep, better hotels, working with airlines that have a solid reputation for punctuality, and a strong focus on health and well-being. By visiting, it’s largely evident that the benefits of upgrading travel policy strongly outweigh the costs involved. Hence, now is the time to consider making some fundamental changes to your existing travel program.

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