What Are Some of the Major Issues in Business Travel?

While companies are largely aware of the benefits of corporate travel, there remains a disconnect between what travelers want and existing company policies, according to a recent report.

Productivity and flexibility are the two most important things among corporate travelers when it comes to their trips. Just over a million people travel for business every day in the United States, making corporate travel an essential part of the modern business landscape, according to the report. Just about all organizations said corporate travel is a major factor in creating business opportunities while allowing workers to build connections with partners, investors, and maintain business relationships.

Among the top points causing the most annoyance when it comes to travel, the amount of time involved in making booking and travel adjustments was a major point. Receipt gathering, making expense reports, and the complications of having to book travel on behalf of someone else were also major gripes.

Interestingly, a disconnect also exists between how business travelers would like to book trips and company policies, according to the report. More than seventy percent of corporate travelers said they would rather book their own trips, but fewer than 65% of companies allow employees the option. Nearly ninety percent of travelers would like visibility into their travel options, while more than 75% of companies provide it, the report found.

To read the corporate travel report in full, please visit https://www.lola.com/ebook/2019-state-of-corporate-travel-management. Should you have any corporate travel management needs, please give Brickell Travel a call at 305-886-8889 and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

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