Is a Travel Management Company right for you?

In the age of technology and convenience of search, many people question the need for a Travel Management Company. In an effort to grow your company, time spent planning trips is less time meeting deadlines, getting new business and ultimately, getting your job done. Usually, booking travel falls upon someone with a completely different title, who is not trained in corporate travel. But how do you know if a Travel Management Company is right for you?

 You value your time.

Do you find a great deal and by the time you try to reserve it, its gone? Do you dread spending all day comparing sites, flight routes, and prices? With a travel management company, let someone else find the best deals.

 You have no one to call when something goes wrong. 

What do you do when you or a traveler misses the last flight home? What if their flight gets cancelled due to a storm or a strike? Re-booking during this type of situations can lead to hours on the phone with customer service. TMC’s can re-book directly, with no need to call the airline.

 You have no idea how much you spend on travel. 

Just like other areas of your business, analyzing and managing the expenses and trends of your corporate travel program is important for running your business overall. Reporting tools can show you exactly what you spend on travel, as well as opportunities for cost containment.

 You don’t have an emergency plan for travelers.

 Should your employees face an emergency when traveling, do you have a plan? Do they know what to do next? Travel management companies can provide duty of care support when you need it the most.

 If you answered “yes” to any of the signs above, you would certainly benefit from using a business travel management company. Let the corporate travel experts handle the details, while you focus on your company’s growth and success. Learn more about our advanced travel technology, online booking tools and reporting capabilities, or schedule a free consultation today.

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