Sabre Partners with Visa for Better Virtual Payments

Travel technology company Sabre Corporation is joining forces with Visa to expand its Sabre Virtual Payments solution, which would allow travel buyers as well as suppliers to pay and get paid with virtual Visa commercial cards.

Using this new partnership, Sabre and Visa clients can enjoy payment options that increase speed and provide better security. The partnership also does away with the need to make use of personal credit cards. Furthermore, travel management companies will be in a better position to reduce and take advantage of automation reconciliation, which should significantly cut down on the time involved in the booking process.

The virtual commercial card process is simple. Each booking receives a unique card number, which provides the same functions as a standard credit card, albeit with a greater number of features. Payments can be tracked via a mobile device and expense management is simplified as the payments are able to be easily and automatically matched to bookings that have received pre-approval. These virtual cards also reduce the chances of fraud.

This update is by Brickell Travel, a Miami travel management services company specializing in the corporate travel management industry in South Florida. As a market leader, we believe that we are the fusion between personalized service and top notch technology for travel management. As a privately owned company, we have experienced massive growth and today we are a business travel industry leader with annual sales surpassing $100 million. For more information on the best travel agency Miami company, please call 305-856-8889.

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