We’re Expanding in South Florida

We are continuing the positive momentum here at Brickell Travel. On top of receiving a nomination as a South Florida Business Journal Company of the Year and once again being named a LATAM Black Signature Partner, we are expanding the company itself.

Brickell Travel is proud to announce the opening of our new offices in the country’s “Diamond of the Gold Coast”, better known as Hollywood, Florida. This new location will be responsible for overseeing and expanding our burgeoning entertainment and luxury leisure travel divisions.

Siblings Maikel and Mitchell Rodriguez founded Brickell Travel Management back in 2009 and this year, we’re excited to celebrate a decade of increasing success in managing corporate, entertainment and leisure travel in the United States as well as Latin America.

Besides our new Hollywood location, we have our headquarters at 66 West Flagler Street in Miami’s downtown area. We also have multiple offices in different countries including Colombia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and more.

Our new Hollywood location address is 315 South 21st Avenue.

This update is by travel agency Miami Florida company Brickell Travel, specializing in the corporate travel management industry in South Florida. As a market leader, we believe that we are the fusion between personalized service and top notch technology for travel management. As a privately owned company, we have experienced massive growth and today we are a business travel industry leader with annual sales surpassing $100 million. For more information on the best travel agency Miami company, please call 305-856-8889.

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