5 Business Travel Resolutions for 2016

As 2016 approaches, our frequent business travelers look back upon the year and share their resolutions to improve their travel habits and ensure a more seamless experience.

Experience new destinations while traveling

It is very easy for us to become consumed with work, in fact a recent GfK study found that 41% of US workers don’t take off all their vacation time. Traveling for work can lead you to visit some incredible places, so make sure to explore your new destination while there for business. Stay an extra day after your trip to check out the sites – if you are short on time, do your best to fit in some sort of cultural experience, such as checking out a new art exhibit or trying a new local restaurant.

Take advantage of loyalty programs

Whether you travel once a week for work or twice a year, signing up for loyalty and a frequent flyer program is essential. Work only with the airline and its alliance that offers you the best odds of getting upgraded; gaining status can save you a lot of hassle and money in the future, not to mention give you some extra perks you can keep for personal use. Follow the same rules with hotels, you’ll get added benefits such as free WIFI, late check out and access to the executive floor.

Know how to pick a hotel

When booking your hotel, look for a balance between location and amenities that matches your needs, such as WIFI, a gym, pool, spa or business center, without paying extra fees. While USA Today reports that 73% of business travelers view location as the most important factor when choosing a hotel, paying extra for these amenities is not only costing your company more money, but adds even more expenses to full out on your already dreaded report.

Work out upon arrival

Many of us renew our commitment to our health as a new year’s resolution, and trust us when we say it’s even harder to maintain on the road. Going for a run as soon as you arrive not only sets the tone for your entire trip, it clears your mind and starts you off on the right foot, no pun intended. The best part is, working out as soon as you arrive is one of our secret tips to beating jet lag, since it will allow you to seize the day and better adapt to the time zone of your destination.

File expense reports sooner

Filing expense reports is arguably the most dreaded part of business travel; in fact, many travelers believe that filing expense reports is worse than death or taxes! Follow a simple rule:  fill out your expense reports within 3 days of your return. You’ll feel better to have the task off your back, and are less likely to lose receipts and be unable to claim expenses. Additionally, expense reporting tools make it as easy as taking a picture with your Smartphone. These solutions offer intuitive and powerful mobile apps to make it easy to complete reports from anywhere, streamlining the entire process. 

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